malaysian startup launches salamweb a browser for muslims
In order to provide an internet browser that adheres to the Islamic and Sharia laws, a Malaysian startup has launched SalamWeb – an internet browser exclusively meant to serve the Muslim population across the globe.

This is the world’s first internet browser based on any religious beliefs and aim to serve to any specific religious community. Internet population has started calling it Halal Internet.

“We are the world’s first Shariah certified web browser and digital ecosystem endorsed by Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board. In conformity with Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC) Islamic Digital Economy Mi’yar,” claims the web browser firm SalamWeb Technologies MY Sdn.

The SalamWeb browser is available both on desktop as well as mobile version and offers features including browsing, messaging, news etc. There are some unannounced features as well that will be released in coming times.

The browser wants to serve the Muslim population across the globe content that comply to Islamic values and switch off content that is not relevant to its users.

“Armed with a strong belief in empowerment, faith, freedom and the right for a conscious existence, SalamWeb develops state of the art digital solutions that empower Muslims worldwide to go online, build connections and contribute to their community and society in an online environment that is free, safe and customised for their way of life,” claims the company.

The company says it works with with globally recognised experts and authorities to make sure its products are in line with Muslim faith while also living and embracing the lifestyle of modern Muslims.

At present SalamWeb has its primary users in Malaysia and Indonesia.


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